31 DIY projects in 31 days – Day One

Find this post over at my new blog My Fair Olinda, a lifestyle blog.


  1. Oh yay! I am just getting into the world of crafting and DIY. I am so looking forward to seeing what you share!

    I loooove those little flowers. I can’t think of a reason I need them…but I’m going to keep thinking!

    I’m joining in on the challenge, too. 31 days of Life’s Little Flowers; seeing small moments of beauty.

  2. Indiri said:

    That is so cute! I’m a new follower (found you at The Nesting place) and I look forward to following your projects! I’ll be doing a series too so this should be fun. 🙂

  3. BetsyPool said:

    Very cute!! I just recently made felt flowers for the first time – loved it!! I’m looking forward to reading your 31 Days! I’m also taking the 31 day challenge.

  4. Now that is truly cute. I thought about doing something similar for our Christmas tree this year. I will be back.

  5. Lisa said:

    Love DYI things! Looking forward to reading 31 posts!

  6. Great tutorial! I’m doing a 31 day series on Autumn Inspiration. Can’t wait to see the rest of your series!

  7. Very cute! It is a simple project, that I am going to have to try quite soon. The question is…what color should I make?

    • Naomi said:

      And on top of choosing a color, today I discovered glitter felt in fuchsia pink. I know some little girls who are going to love that!

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